For me the time that we spend together in a group is one constellation from the beginning to end rather than a series of short individual experiences.

When working in group we will use a combination of group, paired, individual and pre-created constellation aspects. When representing for someone else within their family constellation I will pull in people who are linked to that role, fate or trauma within their own family.

In this way the person who is representing can be present for someone else whilst also gently clearing, acknowledging and shifting their own awareness of the unseen and hidden aspects within their own personal connections.

I have a wide range of constellation classes and events, follow the links to find out more.

The short Collective memory classes are focused on the roots of the invisible inheritance that we are all carrying from our ancestors. We carry their wounds and their silenced stories as if they were our own. These classes are a powerful way to clear deeply held entanglements.

I also offer longer classes exploring some of the collective memories in more depth.

For those that want to learn more about the process of constellation either for personal development or to add to their therapeutic skills there is a comprehensive learning course. The course consists of a series of self-contained segments that can be undertaken as a whole over a two year period in order to obtain a Constellator Certificate of Participation from The Constellation Learning School.

For those that prefer to work individually and at their own pace there is the self-guided year long Year with the Ancestors class.

There are other recorded self-guided classes and sessions here including some free offerings.

If you would like further information please email.

You do not need to know your family history nor do you need to come with family members. Take a walk through your family field and find your own place of belonging…

There is more information about what to expect from online constellation events here.