What is Constellation

Family and ancestral constellation is a therapeutic approach that allows the invisible influences from the present and past to be made visible, acknowledged and made whole. Unresolved, unacknowledged and traumatic events from the past can be unconsciously carried down from generation to generation. Family constellation allows an individual or collective to uncover the hidden historical narrative that they are unconsciously holding in order to bear witness and give place to the trauma before fully and freely move forward with their own life. 

We spin an intricate web of connection and entanglement throughout our life from birth to death, interweaving through our bonds with our family, our friendships and our intimate relationships. Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? Why you feel drawn to a particular path? Or perhaps why your intimate relationships and friendships turn out the way in which they do? Think about your life so far… What springs to mind? Your family and work? Your friends and relationships? Perhaps your successes and disappointments. Can you see a familiar pattern or rhythm appearing before you as you look?
I am constantly amazed at the things that are forgotten or suppressed within a family. Within every family there are secrets that are never spoken of. There are crimes and violence that have been perpetrated both within and outside of the family. All these things are swept under the carpet, but the unseen and unspoken have a habit of making themselves heard further down the line.

Constellation Training

Online Learning School

The learning course consists of a series of self-contained segments, within three levels.  The segments can be undertaken as a whole over a two-three year period in order to obtain a Constellator Certificate from Nikki Mackay and The Constellation Learning School. Alternatively individuals can complete segments from level 1 for personal interest only.

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