What to expect during a session

During the individual sessions I start by spending a little time with you establishing what it is you would like to explore or look at during our session. Depending on what that is we will then explore the family and ancestral patterns that are impacting both you and the situation. This is done with a view to bringing the particular relationship or entanglement back in to balance. Depending on what we uncover during the session I will give you some work that you can do yourself at home to support the work such as visualisations, meditations and affirmations.
The frequency and number of sessions required is decided by you, sometimes one session is enough to allow you to move forward and sometimes a series of sessions over a longer period of time is required.

Sessions are available via skype, phone or in person.

(My practice is currently full. I am not accepting people into my practice at the moment due to the length of my waiting list.)

“Thank you for today. I feel light and warm and free. Working with You 1-2-1 was painless and liberating. Your facilitation skills and  knowledge base empowered me to face events that were before my time.  I now can begin to see myself in a different context and make sense of thoughts and feelings and it feels like an adventure/journey.  I left the session with positive affirmations to say as and when I need them, which I did during moon yoga.   We even managed to giggle and smile along the way.”– S. D. Fife.