Types of sessions

Relationship Constellation Session

When we make an emotional bond to somebody through a committed relationship, an engagement or a marriage we create a bond that cannot be broken, this bond is even stronger when a couple has a child together. When a relationship ends, for whatever reasons, any unfinished business or unacknowledged happenings from the relationship are carried forward in to any subsequent relationships and very often the events or happenings will repeat themselves in subsequent relationships.

These patterns from previous relationships can take the form of:

  • String of short term/long term monogamous relationships that end within a similar time scale
  • Being unable to commit within a relationship
  • Repetitive occurrences of betrayal, lack of commitment, dominating partners
  • Inability to “let go” of emotions connected to previous partner(s)
  • Difficulty in communication within relationship(s)
  • Difficultly communicating and connecting with your children

Nikki offers sessions for individuals or couples exploring the dynamics of personal relationships. These dynamics are influenced by our entanglements with previous and current partners as well as our ancestral influences. Giving an appropriate place to these previous relationships, acknowledging and seeing them as they truly were without guilt or blame as well as by acknowledging who we are, who we were and where our root and place in our family lies we can begin to free ourselves from our past.
Each session is different and unique to each individual and their personal situation at that time.

Relationship focused sessions are upwards of 90 minutes and are £135.

Contact Nikki to arrange a session.

(My practice is currently full. I am not accepting people into my practice at the moment due to the length of my waiting list.)