Sibling Class

Online Learning Group Constellation – Sibling Line Feb 2023

Your place within your family is interwoven around your connection with and to your siblings. Your place within the ‘order’ of your siblings can and does influence various aspects of your life.
The place at which we enter into our family of origin in many ways sets the tone for our experiences within our formative years. If our parents have struggled to conceive and we are born after a miscarriage or a number of miscarriages then the pain and grief connected with the earlier loss will imprint itself upon the new life. If the pain and grief is not acknowledged by the parents then the child will step in to holding that for them and the pull to the unseen becomes established.
When there are losses of children, whether it be miscarriages, abortion of the death of a child then the system as a whole is impacted. The impact of the presence of a soul of a child conceived and lost within weeks can still be influential to the other siblings or family members to a greater or lesser degree depending on the other entanglements within the greater family sphere. In some families, the effect will be minimal if the other siblings are very present and grounded in their place and the parents can ‘see’ and acknowledge their children. If, however there are complexities present within the relationship dynamics then the influence of such a short life can be greater.

This short class will focus on:

  • the order within the sibling line
  • types of sibling line
  • the unseen siblings
  • abortion & miscarriage
  • adoption
  • belonging & taking of place
  • the entanglements associated with a disordered line

2 x 3hr group learning and practical session
1 x Individual Session

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