Relationship 1 & 2 Class

Online Learning Group Constellation – Relationship Patterns 1 & 2 –  May 2022 & February 2022, Sept 2023

Love at its best is simple, a pure movement with acceptance from the heart. The dynamics of love however, are thoroughly complicated.

When we are born, our bonds of loyalty are to our family, to our mother, our father, our siblings and our ancestors. As we grow older the ties and bonds that we create become more complex and intricate and spin out from us like a spider’s web.

There are two different types of relationship patterns to be aware of.

The first involves entanglements that we have participated in creating through our own relationships with our current and former partners, where promises and broken promises from former relationships get carried into our next relationship.

The second involves entanglements that come from beyond us. It is the inheritance of the promises and broken promises of our ancestral field.

The common denominator in both types of pattern is the inheritance of the relationship promise. It comes to us either through our own relationship lineage or through our ancestral lineage. And quite often from both types of lineage all at once.

There is a conscious and unconscious relationship promise at the core of every single relationship. Every single one. This promise exists regardless of whether it is an intimate relationship, a friendship, or a working relationship. The promise can survive and remain with us long after the relationship itself has ended.

The constellation of love & relationships is complex and intricate. Not only do we need to include the relationship we are in or wish to be in but also all our previous loves as well. But it doesn’t stop there because we can become entangled not only with the one we love but their previous loves too. The levels and layers of love spin on and also include the unseen, the cherished, the desired, the excluded and the forbidden loves from within our family and ancestral lines as well as those from our current and previous partners.

The level of intimacy experienced in a relationship is also influenced and subjected to the same orders of entanglements as relationships themselves. The first block of the relationship class will focus on the individual’s personal relationship line and patterns. The second block will focus on the family and ancestral patterns as well as the breaking of promises. We will explore these common entanglements observed within relationship patterns:

The Relationship Line
The significance of a promise
How to safely break a promise
Ancestral Promises
Inherited love
Loss of place
Sacrifice of belonging
Tied to Previous Parent of Partner
Forbidden love
Price to be paid for love
Tending love
Choosing to love as a free soul

The two blocks will follow the previous formats:
2 x individual constellation sessions
3 x group constellation sessions
1 x group Q&A session
2 x homework groups
Private discussion forum for homework, progress and support updates
Email support
The cost is £500 per block or £900 when paid together (instalments can be paid).

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