Ghosts of Relationships Past

Did you know that there is an unconscious promise between you and every single partner that you have ever had?

Did you know that the relationship promise survives long after the relationship ends?

What this means that all of your exes may well still be floating around and impacting on either your current relationship, or if you are single, your very ability to love and be loved.

The purpose of our journey is to take back all the parts of yourself that you have lost to previous loves and to give back all the parts of your exes that you have been unknowingly carrying.

It is time to clear out the cobwebs of your love life.

This is a gentle four part series to clear the ghosts of relationships past, guide you through breaking promises, creating a space to love freely as well as tending your current relationship promise or the place for a new partner.

There are 4 separate guided audio sessions totalling approximately 2hrs walking you gently through your possible relationship entanglements one simple constellation at a time.

Are you ready to love and be loved freely?

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