Choosing to be Present

Being present with ourselves and the reality of our current situation is hugely challenging. Fear and anxiety are everywhere, and we can so easily become entangled with the unacknowledged trauma from our ancestral fields of influence. Where the weight of their reality was so hard to bear for them.

Trying our best to stay present with ourselves and each other, choosing to stand with compassion, choosing to see and support the vulnerable, choosing to ‘see’ outside of ourselves and our own individual fears. Those are all choices that support compassion, kindness, safety and belonging. Choosing to stand with fear, anger and anxiety displaces us both individually and collectively, deepening our connection to our ancestral trauma. We experience our present through our ancestors’ past. But not only that, we then become further entangled. We create more entanglements as we ‘choose not to see’ and this becomes the inheritance for our children. And their children. And their children.
Even though it is incredibly hard to be present and to choose to see outside of ourselves right now, consciously choosing to stand with compassion rather than fear is so very important.

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