Paternal Line Class

Online Learning Group Constellation – Paternal Line – Jan 2021

The overall topic for our 3-month course is the significance of the Father and the Father’s line. When children carry the burdens of those that go before them they not only sacrifice themselves and their own place, but they prevent the dead from moving on and finding peace. The pattern is perpetuated. Our sense of belonging, desires, drive and ambition have strong connections with our Father and the Father’s line. The roots of addictive behaviour and self-destructive patterns can also be found here as this is a link to the Father’s ancestral lineage. When the Father (or other strong male from the masculine line) is missing, detached or rejected then this line is weakened. Our issues and burdens about ourselves and others are potentially linked to our emotional entanglements with the Male line. Below is a brief outline of the discussion topics we will aim to cover in our time together:

  • Basic principles of constellation
  • The place of the Father and Male line within constellation
  • Common patterns & entanglements associated with the Father:
    Missing men & unknown father
    The fractured male line
    The bonds of slavery, servitude and sacrifice
    Unseen men & excluded men
    Displacement from name, lineage & land
    Patterns of depression, addiction, alcoholism
    Influences on land, money, homelessness, lack of belonging, abandonment
    Perpetration, violence, the unseen fates
    Inherited secret loyalties
    Inherited relationship promises & influence on intimate relationships

Guided individual connection with the paternal line
Group constellation exploring the above and/or outcomes of individual connection work
Individual homework assignments
Individual sessions
Optional Mentoring sessions

There will be full notes provided of the topics discussed
The group will run over a 3 month period & will be limited to 6 people per group
4 x individual constellation sessions
4 x group constellation exercise sessions
Private discussion forum for homework, progress and support updates
Email support
Cost is £500 (possible to pay by instalments).

Contact Nikki for more information or to book your place.