Maternal Line Class

Online Learning Group Constellation – Mother’s Line – Oct 2022

The overall topic for our 3-month course is the significance of the Mother and the Mother’s line.
Below is a brief outline of the discussion topics we will aim to cover in our time together.

  • Basic principles of constellation
  • The place of the Mother and Female line within constellation
  • Common patterns & entanglements associated with the Mother:
    Reversal of the female line
    A loyalty from child to grandmother excluding the mother
    Responsibility for survival/non-survival
    Influence on work and creativity
    Influence on intimate relationships
    Influence on parenthood
    Funding of creativity
    Funding of Time
    Displacement from Land
    Loss of voice
    Abuse and Anger/ Secrets and the Unseen
    Inherited silence and forbidden place
  • Guided individual connection with the Female line
  • Group constellation exploring the above and/or outcomes of individual connection work
  • Individual homework assignments
  • Individual sessions
  • Optional Mentoring sessions

There will be full notes provided of the topics discussed.
On a practical note for the Skype session if you wish to take part in the group call using video you will need to have an up to date version of Skype. Older versions of Skype will only allow group voice calls, it is free to update Skype to the latest version should you wish to do so.

It is £500 for the class. (This can be paid by instalments.)
Contact Nikki for more information or to book your place.