The Persecution of Women

In any collective constellation that touches into the persecution of the feminine, whether it is exploring the stories of women punished for having a baby outside of marriage, women punished for holding a different belief, women accused of witchcraftt, or living too loudly, too brightly, too boldly, in all of these stories there is a wounding and fracturing that appears time and again.

It is the gaping fracture between the descendants in the present, us, and our ancestors who are entangled with the persecuted women. Whether they are the women themselves, those that accused, or those that persecuted.

This entangled space between the ancestors and descendants is a vast ravine filled with numbness and disconnection. It is filled with shame, fear, silence and wounding.

Women that were persecuted for simply being women and living a life that didn’t fit with those around them. The legacy for us as the descendants is an invisible inheritance of silence, fear of being seen, fear of being heard, a belief that we need to keep running, keep moving in order to be safe. That love has a cost. That motherhood has a cost. That belonging only comes through sacrifice.

Listening and bearing witness to this wound is important. Sitting with this wound and these ancestors is an offering, not only to them, but to yourself and the descendants.

Come sit a while in this space, witness the stories and begin the breaking of the silence.

Mon 14th June, 2-5pm UK (8-11am Central). £45

You will be emailed a zoom link and registration email after booking your place. Please email for more information.