Collective stories from the Irish Hunger

Collective stories from the Irish Hunger
Monday 23rd August 2021, 5.30-8.30pm UK (11.30am-2.30pm Central)

One of the collective inherited memories that I am seeing repeatedly show up, in different ways, in individual sessions and group sessions at the moment is the legacy of the Irish Hunger from the 1800s. Entanglements around ‘lack’ and fear of ‘lack’, betrayal, persecution, displacement and fractured belonging are being stirred in our present. The Irish Hunger isn’t the only animated collective historical memory of trauma in the present moment but it is a highly significant and often unseen one.

These unacknowledged memories stretch well beyond the land and shores of Ireland. The weaving of the influence of Britain as well as the host countries of the Irish diaspora is part of this legacy. 

Step into the field of the individual stories within the collective memories of the Irish Hunger as we explore this together, gently, on zoom.

We will be working with a blend of group constellations, small groups and pairs. 

In honour of the unseen, silent, displaced and forgotten souls. 

This class will be hosted on zoom and login details will be sent after registration. There is more information about what to expect from online constellation events here.