General Constellation

Exploring ancestral and family lines can renew a sense of self and purpose. Our family patterns and the sense of “place” in the family hugely influences choices and decisions in our own life impacting the ‘everyday’ from work and personal life to health. Sessions can focus on family, relationships,  career, friendships or a simply just focus on you and where you are right now.

Patterns, energy and burdens from the past are carried down and can be repeated through generations leaving an emotional, physical and spiritual effect on the individual. The sessions help to highlight and make visible the hidden entanglements allowing the hidden, historical narrative to be witnessed.

Nikki offers sessions with individuals focusing on the family and ancestral lines.  By acknowledging who you are, where you belong and what your place is and reconnecting to that lineage you can begin to tap in to the strength of this line instead of feeling drained or encumbered.

Sessions are available via Skype, telephone or in person for individuals and groups.

The sessions are upwards of one hour, £85, to a full day (£500) intensive session.

Contact Nikki to arrange an appointment.

(My practice is currently full. I am not accepting people into my practice at the moment due to the length of my waiting list.)