Releasing Your Invisible Inheritance, Choosing to Live in a New Way

Releasing Your Invisible Inheritance,
Choosing to Live in a New Way

4 Part On-line Class offered by Nikki Mackay and Chris Wood

Sun 12th Sept – What is your relationship with the good girl?
Sun 3rd Oct – Who were the scarlet women in your family/culture?
Sun 14th Nov – What are the costs of living in survival mode?
Sun 5th Dec – What are the costs of living in survival mode?

All Class times are 9:30-12:30 CDT/3:30-6:30 UK.

In times of transition and transformation being willing to see and know layers of reality that are playing out is essential in creating our paths forward. This is particularly challenging in our times of living in an unfolding field of global trauma. There is uncertainty within and without, in what information to trust, and in whom to trust. The invisible inheritance of ancestral agreements and vows can also affect our ability to discern, tap into our deepest knowing and can affect how, when and if we use our voice. These agreements can affect whether or not it feels safe to stop, rest and create space for the ‘power of the pause’ and whether there is space for the sacred.

We will explore the complexities of agreements and vows in the ancestral and present day fields through a combination of monthly in person Zoom meetings, pre-recorded constellations for playwork in between classes, and a space for collective sharing. The classes will also be recorded, audio only, and available for catch up or review.

Class 1: What is your relationship with the good girl?
Sept 12th 9:30-12:30 CDT/3:30-6:30 UK

A dominant entanglement that flows through all of our family and ancestral fields, regardless of our gender, is that of the ‘good girl’. As we live in patriarchal cultures, we will explore what your great-grandmothers, your grandmother, your mother, and parts of you could not say with the intention of seeing any patterns or themes. We will explore what doesn’t feel comfortable to see/know using writing exercises and collective memory constellations. Do you dissociate, distract or stay silent up rather than standing in your truth? We will also explore if or where the ‘good girl’ is still active in the past and present.

Class 2: Who were the scarlet women in your family/culture?
Sun 3rd Oct 9:30-12:30 CDT /3:30-6:30 UK

Another patriarchal tool for control is shame and blame. The cost of stepping outside of the cultural rules in the community we live in is high. The legacy of shame and blame runs through each of us. We will explore the scarlet women and their influence in our family fields and cultures using writing exercises and collective memory constellations. How and where does the influence of shame and the scarlet women appear in your field and within you?

Class 3: What are the costs of living in survival mode?

Sun 14th Nov 9:30-12:30 CST/3:30-6:30 UK
Living in survival mode means that a person, family unit or people are unable to live their dreams and to their fullest potential. This creates energetic entanglements that pull on descendants and can cause situations in the present to feel like life or death/all or nothing when they aren’t. In order to survive we numb out all aspects of self that are not directly related to surviving and in the process, we lose our sense of hope, joy, play and love. We will explore the costs of living in survival mode and witness parts of what keeps us from living fully and powerfully in the present moment.

Class 4: Self-Sovereignty, what it is and how we can live in it?
Sun 5th Dec 9:30-12:30 CST /3:30-6:30 UK
Reflecting back on our work to date, we will explore what needs to move within to support our moving beyond survival and into living a thriving, self-sovereign life. We already know how to live within limits of the agreements; we already know how to numb out the grief, pain, and joy. The familiarity of the known can feel like safety when it is anything but. In order to move beyond survival we need to tend our relationship with the ‘not knowing’. Are you reading to break those invisible agreements and live the life you don’t let know?

Cost: Sliding scale $300-$450. Scholarships are available.

Sliding Scale

Registration: To register or discuss scholarships, please email Chris Wood.

Chris Halas Wood is a passionate social justice activist, scientist, and teacher, who is living the transformational power of Family Constellation work. She continues to explore the healing connections and possibilities between the personal and collective fields working toward the healing of racism and creating a more just world for all.

Nikki Mackay is a highly skilled Family Constellation facilitator who has come to Madison regularly for the past six years. She brings her extensive skills as a facilitator, teacher, therapist and scientist with 17 years Family Constellation experience to bare in her work.