Online Short Group Constellations

Who we are in the present is knowingly and unknowingly influenced by the energetic field of influence that we belong to and that we come from. Our history lies coiled within us. The untold stories of our ancestors are present in our blood.

Family and ancestral Constellation is a therapeutic tool that allows the invisible influences from the present and past to be made visible, acknowledged and whole. It allows us as individuals to uncover the hidden historical narrative that we are unconsciously holding. It creates a space for us to bear witness and give place to the trauma before fully and freely moving forward with our own life. It is the key to unlocking the missing puzzle pieces of who we are.

In these online constellation gatherings we will be working with the created constellation field to explore the entanglements within our family and ancestral dynamics.

We will be stepping into collectively themed stories that are relevant for each one of us.

For me, constellation is a way to access the hidden stories and the silenced voices of the ancestors. It is all too easy to accept a version of events that is passed down from one generation to the next, from one person to the next, but with each telling the story can change and those missing parts of the story can be held unknowingly by us.  

The classes will be on zoom and will be a combination of group and paired constellation. Your zoom link will be sent to you after booking your place.

Monday 26th October 7-8.30pm UK time (12-1.30pm central time). £25.

Monday 7th December 7-8.30pm UK time (1-2.30pm central time). £25.

Monday 25th January 7-8.30pm UK time (1-2.30pm central time). £25.