Love Matters

There is an unconscious promise present in every single relationship, and the relationship promise can survive long after the relationship itself ends. 

The promise is passed into any subsequent relationships, and also to the relationships of the next generations. Promises and broken promises are a huge invisible inheritance for each one of us. 

What this means is that all of your exes, and your ancestors’ exes, may well still be floating around and impacting on either your current relationship, or if you are single, your very ability to find love and be loved. It also means that you are likely to be holding your ancestors promises and broken promises, their yearning and their version of love. We become vulnerable to the inheritance of promises and broken promises at points of transition and change in our own lives. And this can shape our lives in many unexpected ways.

With each change, each promise made, each promise broken, each transition, gain or loss we lose a little part of ourselves. If it is painful then we can lose a lot of ourselves. We can stay stuck at those points of loss or change. We can be waiting to be seen, becoming further and further entangled as we attempt to move forward. Our soul and heart getting a little heavier with each step. And at each point of transition, when we lose those little parts of ourselves, we can become tangled up in our ancestors’ losses.

How many versions of you have there been? 

Can you remember the ‘you’ from your childhood? 

Your first love? 

The first time your heart was broken? 

Or the first time death or grief brushed against you? 

The version of ‘you’ from then will not be the same as the ‘you’ that exists today.  The purpose of our journey together is to sit with and witness those points of transition, to remember who you were then and come home to who you are now. To reclaim all the parts of yourself that have been lost or taken, and to give back the pieces that you have been unknowingly carrying for others.

It is time to clear out the ghosts of the past from your connection with love and being loved.

In this class we are going to gently explore the map of the points where you have lost yourself and become entwined with the legacy of broken promises that you are unknowingly holding. This is a gentle six-part series to guide you through releasing old promises, ancestral promises, creating a space to love freely, as well as tending your current relationship promise or the place for a new partner. You will also be claiming back all of those lost and cast out parts of yourself that got tangled up in all of the wounded places. You will be remembering yourself back home.

This is a chance to sit with what love means for you, to feel and know deep in your bones that you are worthy of love and that your love matters. It mattered then, and it matters now.

The topics for our exploration are:

21st August – First love ties 

28th August – The one that got away

4th Sept – Looking but not finding

11th Sept – Afraid to love

18th Sept – Losing yourself in love

2nd Oct – The love you don’t know

4-6pm UK, 10am-12pm Central.
£250, instalment options for payment are available.

We will be working together in the group to explore your personal connection to these themes, either through exploring your own past relationships or those of your ancestors. We will cover the significant entanglements for each topic and how they show up in your life. There will be a group constellation and paired constellation in each class to enable you to work with the dominant influences in your own family and ancestral field.

The classes will be recorded for catch up later. You will also have access to self-guided audio constellation exercises and homework material to support the unfolding at your own pace.

Please email for more information. You can pay via PayPal or email to set up an instalment payment option.

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