Collective Constellation Online Guidelines

Family Constellation is a therapeutic tool that allows the invisible influences from the present and past to be made visible, acknowledged and made whole. It allows us as individuals to uncover the hidden historical narrative that we are unconsciously holding. It creates a space for us to bear witness and give place to the trauma before fully and freely moving forward with our own life. In essence, constellation allows for the creation of an energetic map of all of the connections and loyalties, known and unknown, within the field of influence upon us where we can interact with and explore the entangled connections.

The process of online representation will be similar to that of an in-person constellation exercise, although without being physically present to each other. You will be asked to articulate your emotional and physical experience of the aspect you are representing as well directed to speak specific words or phrases within the constellation to support the movement towards disentangling the root trauma.

You may be asked to represent specific individuals such as ‘the grandmother’ or ‘the husband’, or you may be asked to represent an animator space such as ‘love’ or ‘belonging’. The animator spaces are representations of a collective theme and you will feel your sense of the representative space shift and change throughout the process. 

When a constellation has been set up to explore a dynamic for an individual or an aspect of a collective story, the representatives who have been placed within that constellation will often find themselves in a role that has resonance for their own family and ancestral dynamics i.e. representing ‘unseen mothers’ or ‘broken promises’.  As you react and respond within this representing role you will also be subtlety shifting the dynamics of your own family field of influence. 

Representing allows the layers of the unseen and silent within the influent field to be gently cleared. 

What to expect during the constellation process

The constellation unfolds as the representatives engage with the influent field within the created constellation field and take on the characteristic loyalties, both known and unknown of the position they hold. It is a movement of the soul and must be worked with gently and slowly. This allows you, the representatives, to feel your way into it and slowly move through it. I would suggest that you allow some quiet time for yourself before and after the workshop.

Each constellation that we step into will continue until a stopping point is reached. Not all of the stories we step into will come to a point of balance and reconciliation and that is not the purpose or intention. Bearing witness to and observing what is present and active within a created constellation field begins the process of disentangling it. There is significant value in stepping into the discomfort as it shifts us from a place of ‘not seeing’ to ‘seeing’.  It is a sacred act to step into the untold stories and unacknowledged trauma of our ancestors. We bear witness to them and we bear witness to ourselves.