Constellation Training

Online Learning School

The learning course consists of a series of self-contained segments that can be undertaken as a whole over a two year period in order to obtain a Constellator Certificate of Participation from The Constellation Learning School. Alternatively individuals can complete segments for personal interest only.

Each segments consists of a combination of group lessons, practical constellation and individual sessions. Those undertaking the course for certification also need to complete supervision sessions.

Course Curriculum

  • Maternal Line & Field (12 hours + supervision)
  • Paternal Line & Field (12 hours + supervision)
  • Sibling Line & Field (8 hours + supervision)
  • Relationship Patterns & Field 1(12 hours + supervision)
  • Relationship Patterns & Field 2 (12 hours + supervision)
  • Children – born and unborn (12 hours + supervision)
  • Work and creativity (8 hours + supervision)
  • Victim & Perpetrator dynamic (8 hours + supervision)
  • Master & Slave dynamic (8 hours + supervision)
  • Animators of the field:  (28 hours + supervision)
  • Working within the Field

Please note that at this time there is no formal accreditation body outside of The Constellation Learning School.

At the end of each segment/year you will receive an Attendance Certificate detailing the number teaching hours attended and individual/supervision session hours. This will also count towards CPD and will be recognised within the informal international constellation community.