Constellation Practice Circle

This is a monthly practice group primarily for individuals who have stepped into the constellation training learning topics with me and the Constellation Learning School. It is however open to all constellation students at whatever level of training they happen to be. It is a space to come together and practice working in a created constellation field.

Throughout the practice circles you will have the opportunity to:

Present an issue for exploration
This allows you to experience the field from the potentially vulnerable client place.

Not only useful from a therapeutic perspective, representing in a group field is invaluable experience for beginning to recognise the different aspects and entanglements in the created field.

Facilitate a constellation
This will allow you to build your confidence and experience of an unfolding field in safe space where everyone else is learning too.

It is sometimes hard to see the ‘unseen’ parts within the field, the entanglements, or the knowing of when and how to introduce the missing pieces. Feedback offered if you get stuck or want guidance before, during, or after the facilitation process. 

Discuss the threads that appeared in the constellation map
Discussing the experience from the different perspectives of issue holder, representatives, and facilitator is incredibly useful but not always appropriate outside of a learning circle. The discussion allows for a greater depth of understanding of the flow, the entanglements, the power of silence, as well as the difference between the spontaneous and directed narrative.

Supervision Q&A
Questions relating to the work from the circle, your own work, or your practice with clients.

I will be there observing the constellation facilitation and offering feedback in addition to hosting the Q&A segment. 

It is a safe space to practice, discover and build confidence in all aspects of your constellation exploration. There is no pressure to facilitate a group session, you are very welcome to attend, observe and practice through representing or presenting an issue question. 

When you have booked, please email to say whether you would like to facilitate or would prefer to observe and represent. 

Next dates:

Mon 9th May 12-1.30pm UK   (6-7.30am Central) £25

Mon 6th June 12-1.30pm UK  (6-7.30am Central) £25

Mon 15th August 12-1.30pm UK  (6-7.30am Central) £25

Mon 12th Sept 12-1.30pm UK  (6-7.30am Central) £25

Mon 3rd Oct 12-1.30pm UK  (6-7.30am Central) £25