Children Born & Unborn

Children Born & Unborn – The continuation of the line and field
October 2023
So far in our exploration of the constellation field we have focused on the influences based on where we come from that constitute and inform who we are in the present and whom we connect with. This next part of our consideration is related to children, born and unborn and is rooted within a different part of the field. The influences from our ancestors flow down to us from generation to generation. The influences from our siblings and relationships flow around us. However the connection with our children, born and unborn flow from us to them. It is forward facing. It is the continuation of the family line and field. In essence it represents more than the physical birth of children it is the starting point of belonging for our hope and dreams. It is what we offer to the world.

As such our ability to fully accept and take our own place within our family field is hugely influential on the ability of our children and/or our hopes and dreams to have a place of their own which is accepted freely. This is the point at which responsibility needs to be taken for our own choices and actions. Where we need to fully see, know and accept where we come from, our place in relation to but also separation from that. The tipping point where the flow from beyond and around us switches to the flow from us to the next generation. The generations before us can be encompassed by children or other aspects of our creative self.

This class is longer but will follow the format of previous topics with a series of group seminars with  follow up individual sessions & a final Q&A.

We will have 5 x group seminars,  1x Q&A, 2 x support session as well as general constellation practice group access.

We will cover:

  • Safety in the continuation of the field. What happens when it isn’t safe. The re-animation of dormant patterns
  • Identifying what you are carrying responsibility for. What you need to release. What you need to accept as yours.
  • The transformation from child – woman – mother – grandmother and child – man- father – grandfather
  • common entangled points from mother/father – grandmother/grandfather
  • Fertility and blocks to fertility (relating to children and dreams)
  • Children born & unborn outside of the field of origin
  • the seat of creative anger
  • the call to perpetrate
  • Influences contributing to an inabilities to ‘see’ your children/dreams or the place for unborn children/dreams
  • Constellation from the child’s perspective
  • see yourself as your descendants see you
  • the missing and unseen from your child’s or dream’s perspective
  • where the waiting go to wait
  • Divorce from the child’s perspective
  • Safety in the womb after abortion/miscarriage
  • Adoption, abortion & IVF. The impact on your dreams and their place.
  • When it is appropriate to work with children
  • Simple constellations for working with children

The cost is £700. It is still possible to pay by instalments.