Business & Creativity Constellation

Our inherent ancestral patterns and our bond to our immediate family in many ways sets the tone for our success in our creative and business life. If we have unresolved familial entanglements we tend to carry these forward and perpetuate them with the colleagues, clients, bosses we encounter in our life. At face value this may not seem like any great issue however if we are unclear in our relationship to and are not giving due respect for our teachers and those from whom we have learned then they in turn do not reciprocate this to us. This has an effect on the success we achieve in our chosen creative and business fields. Looking at the patterns affecting this area of your life may be beneficial if you wish to understand the dynamics at play within your business and any limits you are experiencing to the success you desire.

  • If you are working in a field that is not your “passion” and wish to make a change
  • If your work only achieves a certain amount of success that it can’t move past
  • If you experience difficulty in expressing your creativity
  • If you experience betrayal or bad feeling in the workplace
  • If you consistently work with others who go on to great success whilst you are left standing still
  • It you are leading a team that cannot communicate with one another or with you

By looking at the dynamics at play we can understand and bring order to our business and work allowing creativity and success to flow.