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Nikki has published three constellation books and one fictional novel. 

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your life was simply about you, in the here and now, just this one life, to master your strengths and weaknesses? If only it was as simple as that!

In this beautifully written book, Nicola Mackay describes with a rare and deep insight, how the inheritance from your descendants can weave layers of entanglements in your cellular memory and structure that unconsciously undermine you. Amazingly, using her inspired therapeutic techniques, you can heal all of the past and move on.

Your Invisible Inheritance provides the guidance for finding the missing pieces of your heart and soul as you acknowledge, honour, and express gratitude to those who have gone before you. Embrace them, as you thank them for their sacrifices, triumphs, and failures—they are your invisible inheritance. As you do all of this, your continued ascension is assured.

Patricia Iris Kerins DHP
Visionary Healer and Author


Your Invisible Inheritance, Nicola Mackay’s most recent contribution to the field of trauma, is a wise, enthralling, and far-reaching book that offers readers an in-depth approach to healing the legacy of suffering. After working for decades with individuals and communities, the author brings her unique and compassionate perspective to constellation work and ushers it into the 21st century. Mackay’s book powerfully addresses the invisible roots of our fears—historical and ancestral—and the personal and communal damage they provoke. All humans desire safety and a sense of belonging. Around the globe we are witnessing how fear of Other dominates political landscapes. Your Invisible Inheritance provides a rich and useful model for healing our private and public wounds, one that promises to have an amazing impact on our lives.

Dale M. Kushner, M.F.A.
Author of The Conditions of Love
Blogger for Psychology Today

Your Invisible Inheritance is a wonderful journey of self-discovery. This book will take you through a rich exploration in the field of family constellations, explaining gently and carefully each concept along the way and making you long for more. At every step you will discover new dimensions of your family history and how your system of origin can influence and impact your current life and wellbeing. Take a dive, plunge into it, do the exercises, stop, breathe, and reflect. Allow the healing sentences to touch your soul. By the end of the book you will have discovered a treasure of new things about yourself and your past: your true, unique and unrepeatable invisible inheritance that shapes you and your journey into life. This book is your guide to honour your roots and your past. Enjoy the journey!

Cristina Muntean
Systemic facilitator in organizations
Founder of Media Education CEE Prague

You know that feeling when you haven’t read anything really life-changing for ages? Your Invisible Inheritance is the answer to your transformational reading hunger. This is a gold mine of opportunity—for change, for happiness, for removing the weight of generations of pain. Here you will find the reasons and explanations for so many of your family and relationship conflicts, and then you’ll be given a path to heal them.

This is where your next metamorphosis begins. Shed that protective chrysalis—your time has come.

Sue Fitzmaurice
Author of Purpose: The Elements of Purpose, Purpose 2: Making Sure Your Purpose Finds You, and The Smart Seeker’s Guide to Spiritual Bullshit