What is actually happening during a representing experience?

Representing within a constellation is a multi-faceted multi-dimensional experience. There is a hierarchy of flow and structure within a represented constellation field:

  • Field of influence of group
  • Intentional question
  • Field of influence relating to the client asking the question
  • Representatives
  • Individual field of influence for each participant present
  • The narrative of disentangling

The field of influence of the group will coalesce over the period of time that the group works together and will act as a separate informing field that supports the community that is created within the group. You can think of it as multiple morphic fields coming together and interacting with one another.

Every created community field of influence is utterly unique to the place and land where the work occurs. This unique community field is informed by the belonging of the representatives to that land or an earning of place there along with the time that is spent together and the interaction of the constellation community group.

Each representative comes to the community field with the field of influence that they belong to, their ancestors and the historical narrative that is affecting them. This includes the arc through the field of the beliefs, land, migration influences, language, culture as well as the missing and unseen within the field of influence. Not all of this, if any, will be conscious within the participants.

As a group continues to work each participant interacts with the created community field as they represent. Each participant has their own movement and process within the represented space in service of their own field, the intentional question field and the created community field. They are affecting the created community field and at the same time are affected by other representative’s influent fields within the larger created community field.
The participants are united in their own individual intentions in service of the created community field.

This phenomenon occurs even within blindly represented constellations. Each participant present behaves as if they are a field of influence in and of themselves. In quantum physics terms, they are behaving as walking wave functions responding within the created constellation field informed by the intentional question and responding to the field of influence within that space.

This is where the language of the constellation therapeutic process comes in. During the course of a constellation, whether in a group or individual session, a language narrative will be introduced by the constellator to certain represented aspects within the created constellation space. The directed narrative has a very specific focus and is in alignment with the overall intentional question. What the language narrative does is to move and release the individual from the influence of the informing influent field. In terms of quantum physics theory, as opposed to a classical approach, the language narrative within the created constellation space provokes the response of a wave function collapse within the influent field acting upon an individual allowing them to step into their own place unencumbered by the weight of the entanglement from the previously influent field.

It is because of this field interaction that representing within a constellation is such a rich and valuable experience. When we view it from this perspective we can perhaps begin to understand that a constellation is not something that we have ‘done’ it is something that we do. The intention that guides us to be there, will invite the changes within our own field of influence whether our personal intention is the focus of a group constellation or not.

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