Well things are certainly interesting right now. In all of the individual and group constellation sessions at the moment there is a common thread of fear and anxiety. It is presenting in different ways for different people, but the experience of fear and anxiety is ever-present. And that is because collectively we are in a very uncertain time. The most natural thing to do when we feel triggered by fear or anxiety in our present is to lift up and out of ourselves a little bit. To detach. To become less present in our bodies. But when we do that we become more connected to and influenced by the historical narrative of trauma within our ancestral lineage. The trauma and fear of our ancestors gets entangled with our present fear. And we not only feel our own fear but we begin to feel it through the weight of the ancestors too. And that makes everything a little bit harder. 

Yes, there is a very real threat in our present. This virus is serious, particularly for those who are older, vulnerable or have underlying conditions. But we can each individually and collectively tend our safety. And as we each tend our own safety we can support others in tending theirs. For some tending safety for themselves and others will be self-isolating, for others that will be supporting the vulnerable in the community in little big ways. 

If you are feeling very triggered in your present moment take some slow deep breaths into your body. Feel into the land underneath your feet. As you breathe try to focus on your body and being present within your body. 

When you are ready imagine a space for your ancestors behind you or around you. Feel or sense them there. Take a moment to breathe into that connection.

Then try saying out loud to them and to yourself:

I can hear you

I can feel you

I am listening

I am remembering the fear

I am remembering the loss

I am remembering the grief

I can remember without reliving it

I am not reliving your story

I belong

You belong

I can withdraw and tend my safety without taking safety from others

I can withdraw and tend my safety without losing my place

I can withdraw and tend my safety without losing my family

I can withdraw and tend my safety without losing my community

I am tending my safety & I am supporting others in tending theirs

And then breathe.

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