Disentangling Hate – so healing can flow

Disentangling Hate – so healing can flow
With Nikki Mackay and Chris Halas Wood

October 27-28, 2018. 9:30-4:00

The normalization of hate poses a serious risk to us all as we are faced with choices on how we respond to daily events. Why can safety and hatred feel easier than safety and compassion? Why do we struggle to know how to respond?

Science is finding that trauma can be genetically passed down the generations. Present day events in the US can be viewed through the lens of unacknowledged trauma. The collective trauma of historical migration, enslavement and violence is part of who we are knowingly or unknowingly. This narrative is invisibly influencing our choices and can limit our ability to respond compassionately to a perceived “other”.

Family Constellation is a powerful therapeutic approach that allows the invisible influences from the past and present to be made visible, acknowledged and made whole. This is a highly emotive subject and our approach will be both gentle and supportive. Our goal is to truly bear witness to the collective past trauma as well as to see our own place in relation to it so that healing can flow.

Nikki Mackay is a highly skilled Family Constellation facilitator who has come to Madison regularly for the past four years. She brings her extensive skills as a facilitator, teacher, therapist and scientist with 15 years Family Constellation experience to bear in her work. Chris Wood is a scientist, teacher and social justice activist, who has worked with Nikki for the past 6 years and experienced the many benefits of this work.

Venue: Threshold 2717 Attwood Avenue, Madison
Cost: $250 US Dollars (Money should not prohibit your participation Scholarships available contact Chris Halas Wood )

To Register or for more information:  contact Chris Halas Wood