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Next Group Workshops:

  • Family Constellation Workshop – Fri 17th August, Tir Na nOg,  Scotland
    11am – 4pm £70Family and ancestral constellation is a therapeutic approach that allows the invisible influences from the present and past to be made visible, acknowledged and made whole. Unresolved, unacknowledged and traumatic events from the past can be unconsciously carried down from generation to generation. Family constellation allows an individual or collective to uncover the hidden historical narrative that they are unconsciously holding in order to bear witness and give place to the trauma before fully and freely move forward with their own life.

    A constellation helps us to see entanglements and to separate from them. In the words of Bert Hellinger it helps ‘separate what’s been wrongly joined and join what’s been wrongly separated’. The work is essentially about broken connections that might be restored and unconscious hidden loyalties – bonds that inhibit people’s capacity for development and growth.

    Whether bringing an issue, taking part in someone else’s constellation or witnessing the work as part of the holding circle, all participants in a constellation group find the work very clarifying and healing. Frequently someone who had a burning issue that they wanted to constellate at the start of the workshop finds that, as a representative or a witness to someone else’s constellation, they get some clarity or even complete resolution of their issue. If those who are energetically most ready to do their personal work have a constellation, this seems to serve the whole group and when we let the energy flow naturally we often find that a theme common to several participants in the group emerges.

    The workshop will be led by Nikki Mackay, she is a family constellation facilitator and teacher. She is a therapist with over fifteen years broad scientific and therapeutic experience specialising in individual constellation therapy sessions and group constellation facilitation. She is also an experienced teacher and published author and regularly speaks and contributes on practical constellation application.

    If you would like to join us at Tir Na Nog for this wonderful workshop or if you have any questions please email Lorna Mackenzie

    Further details will be emailed on confirmation of booking.

  • Sept 22nd & 23rd, 2018 Family ConstellationWorkshop, Madison, WisconsinThe complexities of human relationships are endlessly fascinating.  We are not isolated, we are connected.  The fabric of our soul is linked to that of our family.  It is women within the hearts of our mother, our father, our siblings and our ancestors.  The memories of those that have gone before us are in our blood, the very souls are within our soul.  Family Constellation and ancestral patterning is a way of accessing the fabric of this family soul as it weaves its way through and beyond you, and bring to light that which needs to be seen.

    Whether this is your first experience with family constellation work, or you are returning, this workshop will change your life.

    Saturday, September 22, 2018       9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Sunday, September 23, 2018        9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

    Cost:  $250. US Dollars

    Location:  Quarry Arts Building, room 170, (the large movement room on the first floor next to the bathrooms), Madison, Wisconsin

    To Register, send an e-mail to Robin letting her know you want to register for the workshop.  Robin will have Nikki send you a pay pal invoice.  Once you receive the invoice, you can follow the prompts and make the $250 payment.  You must have or open a pay pal account in order to make the payment this way.  For questions, e-mail or call 970-567-8117.

  • Uncovering and Healing the Roots of Racism by Bearing Witness to Trauma 25th &26th Oct – Madison, USA.

History is far more complex and interconnected than we are taught in school. Traumatic events exert a force long after the participants have died. Science is now finding that trauma can be passed down the generations through our genes.

Present day events in the US can be viewed through the lens of unacknowledged trauma. Collectively we have never truly addressed the genocide of the Native Americans nor the trauma of slavery. The intention of this weekend is to open a space to uncover the roots of racism in Madison using a technique called Family Constellation.

Family and ancestral constellation acts as a map of the interconnections within a specific context. It is a spatial representation of the emotional and energetic relationship entanglements both known and unknown.

This process allows an individual or collective to uncover the hidden historical narrative that they are unconsciously holding in order to bear witness and give place to the trauma before fully and freely move forward with their own life.

Contact us for more information or to book your place.