Group Events

Next Group Workshops:

  • Relationship Constellation Workshop . 11th November – Tayport, Scotland

  • Uncovering and Healing the Roots of Racism by Bearing Witness to Trauma 2nd & 3rd Dec – Madison, USA.

History is far more complex and interconnected than we are taught in school. Traumatic events exert a force long after the participants have died. Science is now finding that trauma can be passed down the generations through our genes.

Present day events in the US can be viewed through the lens of unacknowledged trauma. Collectively we have never truly addressed the genocide of the Native Americans nor the trauma of slavery. The intention of this weekend is to open a space to uncover the roots of racism in Madison using a technique called Family Constellation.

Family and ancestral constellation acts as a map of the interconnections within a specific context. It is a spatial representation of the emotional and energetic relationship entanglements both known and unknown.

This process allows an individual or collective to uncover the hidden historical narrative that they are unconsciously holding in order to bear witness and give place to the trauma before fully and freely move forward with their own life.

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